Oil Storage

Strategic cooperation with all major ports of Russia, as well as with the Port of Rotterdam in order to increase our capacity tank farm for storage and transport of oil cargo.

Such co-operation with the ports plays an important role in providing services to the storage of fuel for our customers. To carry out the storage and sale of fuel and various lubricants, need a special license for the storage of petroleum products. State shall issue such licenses only to those companies that have all the necessary equipment and facilities for its safe operation. We have a number of signed cooperation agreements with all the major ports of Russia, as well as the port of Rotterdam. These agreements give us a great opportunity to operate a number of port tanks and tank farms, and carry out the necessary conditions for the storage of petroleum products. Therefore, the storage of oil cargo here you significantly reduce your costs as if you directly store the oil in the port, and also automatically avoids the risk of fraud – broker who provides you with no legitimate the oil – place to store your fuel. Also, all businesses that do not have proper licenses for storage of oil and oil products, we offer to conclude a contract of storage of petroleum products with our organization, thereby reducing their costs and certain risks on service tanks and reservoirs.

The partnership will also look at the possibility of joint business development in China, India and other developing countries, particular attention will be paid to cooperation in the field of sustainable development and the use of the most environmentally friendly port technology


Novorossiysk Commercial Port

Region: Krasnodar edge
Loading capacity: 160 million tons.

Tuapse Commercial Port

Region: Krasnodar edge
Loading capacity: 22,1 million tons.

Sea port of Primorsk

Region: Saint Petersburg
Loading capacity: 53,7 million tons.

Nakhodka Commercial Port

Region: Primorsk edge
Loading capacity: 20,7 million tons.

Murmansk Commercial Port

Region: Murmansk region
Loading capacity: 21,9 million tons.

Port of Rotterdam Authority

Region: Europe
Loading capacity: 450 million tons.

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Houston